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Why I Want To Home School My Children

I do not have any children right now, but I know I want to home school when and if I become a parent. Many people around me think that this is not such a good idea, but I am adamant that this is what I want to do. There are so many compelling reasons to move forward with this so no one will ever be able to convince me not to do it.

I am a fairly smart person and I believe that I can effectively teach my children all that they need to know. There will be no worries about my children passing standardized tests because they have teachers that do not have a real passion for students and their learning process.

Another reason I want to home school is because of the surge of bullying that is happening in schools these days. It seems like I am always hearing about another school shooting and I would be afraid for this to happen to anyone that I care about. While it has not happened in my area, I still want to be proactive and make sure that my children are not in that environment.

The last reason is because I want my children and I to have an unbreakable bond. My parents were not very hands-on and I was always left wondering if they actually cared about me. Now that I am going to have a chance to be a parent, I want to do things differently. I will make sure that I add them to social groups in order to give them the chance to have friends their own age, but I love the idea of having them feel like I am an integral part of their life. I think it would make us closer as a family unit, especially if I have more than one child.